About Us

Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Inc. is a stockholding high and new technology enterprise to provide “Turnkey Solution for Mineral Processing Plant” including design and research, machine manufacturing, equipment procurement, management service, mine operation, mine materials procurement & management as well as industry resources integration. Up to now, with 200 mine EPC projects, mining technologies and experience of 70 kinds of ores and 20 patents, Xinhai has established overseas offices in Sudan, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Peru and Indonesia with products exported to more than 20 countries.

  • An Jiatong
    He enjoys the State Council Government allowance as professor level senior engineer who graduated from Department of Geology of Shandong University in 1960s. He engaged in geological prospection work for 50 years, won the National Science Conference prize, prospecting second prize, third prize of Geology and Mining Department, the third prize of National Science and Technology Progress and awarded the title of labor model of Shandong prospection bureau.

  • Yu Yongjiang
    He is mineral processing senior engineer and technical director of Xinhai Company who graduated from Mineral Processing Engineering Department of Beijing University of Science and Technology (formerly the Institute of iron and steel) in 1976. He has engaged in metal processing, metal smelting for 36 years.

  • Hu Decheng
    Senior engineer (machinery) who graduated from metallurgy machinery department of Anshan Institute of iron and steel in 1964 majoring in mechanical design and manufacture, and engaged in metallurgical and mining machinery product development and design for nearly 50 years.

  • Wu Jianxiang
    Mining senior engineer who graduated from Middle and Southern University majoring in mining engineering, and he is working in Xinhai Mining Group as Xinhai mining design institute chief engineer.

Continuous development and innovation of Xinhai won many honors including certificates awarded by government organization, media and market research agencies, praises from by the public etc.. Xinhai is proved by these honors.


No. Patent Type Patent Name Patent No.
1 Invention A discharging device of autogenous mill ZL 2010 1 0519895.1
2 Utility Mode A discharging device of autogenous mill ZL 2010 2 0577154.4
3 Utility Mode A cylinder lamina of autogenous mill ZL 2010 2 0577155.9
4 Utility Mode A bucket elevator for automatic separator of sand and water ZL 2010 2 0577171.8
5 Utility Mode A ten-angle screen ZL 2010 2 0577172.2
6 Utility Mode An automatic sand return device of wet type ball mill ZL 2010 2 0577173.7
7 Utility Mode A inflation system of flotation cell ZL 2010 2 0577174.1
8 Utility Mode A flocculating agent feeder ZL 2010 2 0577177.5
9 Utility Mode A discharging device of ball mill ZL 2010 2 0577178.X
10 Invention A total cross-section air-lift flotation cell 201110155809.8
11 Utility Mode A distributed overflow groove used in flotation cell   ZL 2011 2 0194643.6
12 Utility Mode A self-closing type check valve ZL 2011 2 0194663.3
13 Utility Mode A foam damper used in flotation cell and flotation cell ZL 2011 2 0194713.8
14 Invention Copper extraction method for copper smelting converter slag 201110320875.6
15 Utility Mode A liquid level detector for flotation cell ZL 2011 2 0561868.0
16 Utility Mode A grid plate for autogenous mill ZL 2011 2 0562230.9
17 Utility Mode An agitated pulp distributor ZL 2011 2 0562249.3
18 Utility Mode A rotary type discharging device for thickener ZL 2011 2 0562503.X
19 Utility Mode A safety indicating device for thickener ZL 2011 2 0562511.4
20 Utility Mode A jack up device for vibrating screen ZL 2011 2 0562516.7
21 Utility Mode A multi-taper hopper for thickener ZL 2011 2 0562525.6
22 Invention A drive device for the discharging of ball mill 201210494625.9
23 Invention An object transfer device 201210496971.0
24 Invention A production method of pinch valve liners 201210497021.X
25 Invention A speed measurement sensor 201210497264.3
26 Invention A nanometer rubber compound 201210497313.3
27 Invention A rubber plate polishing device 201210506101.7
28 Invention A rack of electronic belt scale 201210507569.8
29 Utility Mode A rubber bar shearing machine ZL 2012 2 0639824.X
30 Utility Mode A vibration carbon screen ZL 2012 2 0639948.8
31 Utility Mode A spigot of compound hydrocyclone ZL 2012 2 0642200.3
32 Utility Mode A split type rubber bearing ZL 2012 2 0642303.X
33 Utility Mode A drive device for the discharging of ball mill ZL 2012 2 0642305.9
34 Utility Mode An object transfer device ZL 2012 2 0642351.9
35 Utility Mode An anti-blocking device for high concentration slurry of thickener ZL 2012 2 0642634.3
36 Utility Mode A speed measurement sensor ZL 2012 2 0642652.1
37 Utility Mode An isolation valve ZL 2012 2 0642673.3
38 Utility Mode A rubber plate polishing device ZL 2012 2 0652843.6
39 Utility Mode An inflation and agitation device of flotation cell ZL 2012 2 0653799.0
40 International Invention A total cross-section air-lift flotation cell PCT/CN2012/073408